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Falcon | Cara Peacock Bass


Peacock bass fishing may be the ultimate test of a fishing rod - heavy braided line, thick under water brush, and perhaps the meanest, strongest fish pound for pound. When you are 1000 miles from the nearest tackle shop, equipment failure is not an option. Falcon has developed a reputation as the only serious choice for Peacock bass. We bring this expertise to the entire line.

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A Peacock Bass is like a Black Bass. Times ten.


Just ask our number one field tester, the guy who started this enterprise, John Beckwith . If a rod is going to fail, he says, a peacock bass will make it fail.

John recently returned from a peacock bass expedition where he tested some new Falcon rods (new peacock bass rods for 2013, by the way…and they passed with flying colors ). John reminded us that when you’re peacock bass fishing 2,000 miles from the nearest tackle shop you must trust your equipment.

John’s amazing peacock bass adventures have prompted us to put the Amazon River on our list of special places that remind us of very-important things…like earning your trust year after year after year. That’s why we severely flex test and inspect every rod. Every single Falcon rod gets the Falcon Trust Test , not just the ones designed for peacock bass fishing.

Thanks to our guide Val who went in the water to get this fish.

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